Casio PX-360M Digital Piano

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The PX-360 features Casio’s renowned Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II keyboard, accurately recreating the touch and response of a concert grand piano with 127 times the resolution of classic keyboards. As on a real concert grand piano, the PX-360 impresses even the most demanding pianist with its authentic touch, the keys feel heavier in the lower register, and lighter up top. The realistic ebony and ivory textures give your hands a positive traction, and complete the piano experience.

At the center of the PX-360 is the Color Touch Interface. It is a bright, clear 5.3″ display that has a complete color palette which responds immediately to your touch. With this intuitive panel, one can explore the PX-360 with ease, with all the right information at your fingertips. The elegant, simple interface uses universally recognizable icons that help you take total advantage of the PX-360’s diverse sounds and features.

Product highlights

  • 5,3 inch LCD touch panel
  • Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source (128-note polyphony (max.))
  • 550 buit-in tones
  • 200 built-in rhythms
  • Tri-sensor scaled hammer action
  • Damper resonance
  • Layer-, split-, duet-function
  • Simulated ebony and ivory keys
  • MIDI and audio recorder
  • USB interface (PC)
  • 2 x 8 W speakers
  • Optional: Stand CS-67P / pedal SP-33

Product Description


5.3″ Color Touch Interface


Sound Technology

Unprecedented Natural Reproduction of the Rich Expressive Power and Resonance of an Acoustic Piano

Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source

The characteristics of CASIO’s newly developed Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR* Sound Source reflect thorough attention to detail in expressing the rich, resonating tones inherent to the piano. The capacity of the installed memory has been expanded to achieve a longer sampling duration and enhanced waveform data quality. The temporal changes in tone that create sound you would expect only from a piano, beginning with the initial sound and leading into a beautiful extension until the sound eventually vanishes, are reproduced naturally.

  • * AiR = Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator

Keyboard System

Natural Playing Feel Approaching That of a Grand Piano Firm Touch That Converts the Player’s Thoughts into Sound

Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II, with a grand piano’s unique sounding timing

The difference between the sound structures of a grand piano and a digital piano appears as a difference in timing, from the moment the instrument is played until the sound is audible. The new Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II responds by incorporating a system with three sensors that detect touches of the keys sequentially.

Simulated ebony and ivory keys with optimal fingertip fit for playing ease

The Simulated ebony and ivory keys offers the luxurious feel and texture as well as the smooth touch of a grand piano keyboard. The minutely detailed crimp surface finish inhibits finger slippage due to sweat and gives the sensation of a perfect fingertip fit, even when playing for extended periods.

Versatile features

Audio Recording(44.1 kHz WAV Format / up to approximately 74 min. per song)

550 tones including stereo-sampled grand piano tones

200 rhythms including ethnic rhythms and patterns for piano play

Rhythm Editor (10 user rhythms)

Registration (96 setups)

Music Preset feature including chord progressions for one-touch access to setups for a wide range of music styles (305 presets and 50 user areas)

Digital effects: reverb (17 types), chorus (16 types), delay (6 types), brilliance, DSP (preset for some tones)

Pitch Bend Wheel

Tone Select buttons for instant access

MIDI Recorder: 17 tracks x 100 songs, approximately 50,000 notes per song


LINE IN / OUT jacks (L/MONO, R for each)

Auto Power Off


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